Building A Dog Park

Has anyone ever had the thought of creating a community for pet owners in your neighborhood? I was speaking with a building contractor about this at and he said it would basically be the cost of the property and the fencing around the dog park area. This would be a communal area where not only the neighborhood residents have a purpose behind meeting each other but it also gives the pets and opportunity to become acquainted as well. Most dog parks are funded by the city but if there were people willing to come to purchase an empty lot in the neighborhood, they could actually have their own dog park within walking distance of their residence. If we had 30 pet owners in the area willing to invest in this project we could have ourselves a long term asset for our community. Of course, we could make it a membership dog park based on a monthly or yearly fee in order to recoup the costs of the lot and fencing. This could grow into a something very special for the community where we could hold dinners, events, birthdays, and whatever else we decide on. Also, we would need to have accountability for our members to clean up after their pets which I posted about here. There would also be maintenance on the land as far as lawn care and so forth. But who knows, maybe there is a company in the area who would be willing to do this at break even costs and a free membership to the dog park.

I am sure there are ways to make this happen and if you know of any, please feel free to contact me with more options. Another idea for creating a map or visual plan of the park would be to have someone familiar with google sketch up design a prototype for us to use and even pass on to the said contractor in order to get a more accurate quote. Metal fencing seems to be the most common material used at dog parks but we could search the internet and look for alternatives. The wire fencing would be the most fool proof and I believe it is pretty cheap to install. Heck, we could do the installations as a group project.

Before I start rambling on, I thought I would put this idea out there. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

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