Dog Park Ethics

The ethics within a dog park might seem intuituve and self explanatory since there are waste bins in different areas of each park. However I have been noticing lately that many pet owners have not been disposing their doggy bags in the waste bin. This is a concern for multiple reasons and simply doesn’t follow the ethics that are assumed to be intuitive to the pet owner. It could be laziness on the part of the owner, forgetfulness, or just personal reluctance to follow order and create chaos. Probably the third scenario. Nonetheless this reluctance to properly dispose of your pet’s waste can be dangerous and degrade the park for other users to enjoy. Why is it dangerous you ask? Well we all know that some dogs enjoy eating other animals waste which can lead to passing of harmful bacteria which can in turn spread to other animals not exclusive to dogs. It simply isn’t a smart thing to do. It’s very unhealthy for the environment of the dog park. Also, how appealing is it to see used doggy bags scattered across the trails or next to bushes at the dog park? It’s not appealing – it’s garbage. We should be more conscious about these matters and take into consideration the other patrons enjoying the parks with their dogs.

I am not raising these concerns because I saw ‘one or two’ doggy bags laying on the ground literally feet away from the bin, but because it is a reoccurring sight. This trend, is not cool.

If you happpen to see anyone leaving their waste bags alongside the trails or anywhere other than in a bin, the proper code of ethics would be to remind them that we are responsible for disposing of the doggy waste bags in the waste bin.

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