Dog Sitting – Free Advertising

Dog sitting has become a sought out job in my area of TN. It seems like at least once a week I see someone posting in Facebook, looking for a dog sitter. Dog parks are a great way to find a neighbor in your area who has experience with pets. Not only will you find someone who has experience but also someone who has shown the willingness to take their pet to the dog park.

How can you use a dog park as free advertising for a dog sitting position? Flyers are a great place to start. Most dog parks have a sitting area or even a telephone pole next to the entrance. If that is the case, create a simple flyer with the necessary information on in and staple it to the telephone pole. This will surely be seen as many dog park goers are looking for things to keep them occupied while their dog is out running around, sniffing other dogs.

If you are not the shy type another option would be to print out a few business cards with your information specifying that you are indeed a dog sitter. Next time you are at the dog park, just pass these out to friendly faces, and that’s it!

Thought I would put in my 2 cents on the matter of dog sitting since it is becoming a more sought out position these days with so many travelers.

Take care!

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