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German Shepherd Hip Problems

Apollo is his name and unfortunately, he is going to have to be put down this coming Tuesday. It is a very sad day that is to come as Apollo has been with the owner through many hard times. The owner’s name is Clay, a plumber in Lebanon, TN who will be taking Apollo to the vet next week. Apollo was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last year and he has been struggling to move the past couple of weeks. This is a common disease in German Shepherds. According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, 19% if German Shepherds will get hip dysplasia. Basically what happens is that their hip sockets become too loose causing damage.

Preventative Measures For Hip Problems 

It is said that preventative measures should be taken in order to dodge this genetic disease from occurring. This can be done by giving your dog dietary supplements to reduce inflammation. You can find out more about common problems here in the article.  Clay had been giving Apollo many different supplements over the past few years, however, they did not prevent the disease from occurring. Apollo is somewhat of an exception to most dogs as he was a hiking companion to Clay for thousands of miles through the Appalachian mountain range.

Apollo Hikes The Trail

As stated before Apollo was Clay’s companion hiker on the Appalachian Trail. He has hiked over 2000 miles of rugged terrain with Clay over the years. I was lucky enough to hike a few hundred miles with him through Virginia during the summer of 2012. We walking through the woods every day with Apollo, who at the time was about 3 years of age. It is so sad to see Apollo unable to get up after seeing his strength and endurance on the Appalachian Trail. Now he is about 9 years old, still happy as can be, but Clay can’t stand to see him down like this anymore. On the trail, Apollo would always lead ahead of us carrying his own food with a small pack on his back. Sometimes he would lag behind if he caught a scent but this would only last for a few minutes. He would then come rushing past us full speed to his lead position continuing to guide us through the woods. Such great memories out there with Clay and Apollo. It sure will be sad to see him go. Clay will surely never forget the memories he has shared with his best bud. His plumbing company in Lebanon, TN will also miss their office dog. Apollo would always happily greet the workers in the morning before the headed out on service calls. Another chapter ends in Clay’s life story. The days of Apollo will be remembered with the best of memories.