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More on Dog Sitting

Previously I posted about free advertising for someone looking for extra income by being a pet sitter for their local community. This is an wonderful idea in which this post will be expounding on a bit more. So lets go over the following:

  • Being the right sitter
  • Setting the right expectations
  • Being able to relax and enjoy it

Being the Right Sitter

Before ever taking the opportunity of pet sitting for a friend or referral, make sure you are the right fit for the situation. If possible, go by the homeowners house and enjoy a few minutes with the dog to see if you two are compatible. This might sound silly but do you think a super hyperactive dog is going to work well with an elderly person? It might not be the best fit. Also, make sure you feel comfortable in the neighborhood and in the house you will be working in. Pet sitting is all about enjoying your time and not have an anxiety attack because you have to spend the next week in a nightmare situation. Make sure you are the right sitter for the job.

Setting the Right Expectations

Keeping the dog in the same routine for when the pet owner gets back from their trip is a good place to start. Lets say the dog is used to a 45 min walk everyday around 6pm then that would be an expectation you need to consider when going over the job details. When discussing the duties with the pet owner, try and get as much information from then as you can…while you can. If they are on vacation, you may not be able to speak with them if you have questions. So be sure to be thorough about the requirements and expectations of the pet owner. You also might come into a situation where the pet owner doesn’t actually leave detailed notes or instructions even though you assumed they would. This will be your opportunity to take your own notes in order to be prepared for your job.

Being Able to Relax and Enjoy

The top two points were being made in order for you to have the opportunity to actually relax and enjoy your pet sitting job. You don’t want to be left in the dark about anything so be sure to do your due diligence with the pet you will be looking after, as well as the pet owners expectations for the job. If you take all of the above into consideration then you will be setting yourself up for success, enabling you to sit back and relax!