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Free The Dog

Why is it a good idea to go to a dog park? To free your dog! Let them run wild and crazy for a little bit that’s why! The only thing stopping them is your spare time being dedicated to social media! Seriously, I see too often dogs being stuck in their kennel all day with barely enough room to do anything. My cousin Clay works full time as a plumber in Tennessee and he actually brings his dog with him to the office and even some times on service calls. This has given him a name around town as the “plumber with the dog” and people absolutely love him for it. His lab, “Splash” as been going to the office with him for years now. I asked him why he doesn’t leave Splash at home and he says “Well, where would I put him? Splash would much rather be with me”. I couldn’t agree more and I am sure Splash thinks the same!

I bring this up because an acquaintance of mine is going through some issues at home with her roommate and she has decided to move out because they are not compatible together and her roommate has a dog who literally spends almost all day in a kennel. It hurts me to see this whenever I go over there. The dog is a puppy and just wants to be free. Now I don’t mean to say, “Let the dog be free without discipline”. That is not where I am going with this. The fact is, if you wish to discipline your dog and have it obey you then you cannot keep in cooped up all day and expect its attention for  the hour the dog is actually able to move around. This should be common sense, but I constantly see her trying to discipline her dog with basically no effort and when her dog doesn’t obey after a few minutes, she puts the dog back into the kennel.

Bringing this back to the example above with my cousin the plumber, you can keep your dog out of their kennel if you really appreciate it. You can FIND a way to work it out. Clay decided to bring Splash with him to work at the office or even on a few service calls. The dog will begin to understand the routine. Not only will this give the dog more freedom to exercise and exert energy but it will also give you more time to train the dog to be your best friend! The relationship you have with your dog can quickly turn into neglect if you constantly have it in the kennel. Because it is a “dog” kennel it does not somehow validate your reasoning. Lets just be honest, your neglect highlights that you are lazy, too lazy to take responsibility for your pet and you are probably in denial of how irresponsible you are acting.

Start (and now I am just ranting) by taking your dog to your local dog park a few times a week for AT LEAST 30 minutes. When you all get home, spend another 30 minutes training your dog and spending quality time with him or her. After a relationship is formed, you will be less likely to keep putting the dog in the kennel and more likely to have him or her join you throughout your day!

Dog Sitting – Free Advertising

Dog sitting has become a sought out job in my area of TN. It seems like at least once a week I see someone posting in Facebook, looking for a dog sitter. Dog parks are a great way to find a neighbor in your area who has experience with pets. Not only will you find someone who has experience but also someone who has shown the willingness to take their pet to the dog park.

How can you use a dog park as free advertising for a dog sitting position? Flyers are a great place to start. Most dog parks have a sitting area or even a telephone pole next to the entrance. If that is the case, create a simple flyer with the necessary information on in and staple it to the telephone pole. This will surely be seen as many dog park goers are looking for things to keep them occupied while their dog is out running around, sniffing other dogs.

If you are not the shy type another option would be to print out a few business cards with your information specifying that you are indeed a dog sitter. Next time you are at the dog park, just pass these out to friendly faces, and that’s it!

Thought I would put in my 2 cents on the matter of dog sitting since it is becoming a more sought out position these days with so many travelers.

Take care!

Dog Park Ethics

The ethics within a dog park might seem intuituve and self explanatory since there are waste bins in different areas of each park. However I have been noticing lately that many pet owners have not been disposing their doggy bags in the waste bin. This is a concern for multiple reasons and simply doesn’t follow the ethics that are assumed to be intuitive to the pet owner. It could be laziness on the part of the owner, forgetfulness, or just personal reluctance to follow order and create chaos. Probably the third scenario. Nonetheless this reluctance to properly dispose of your pet’s waste can be dangerous and degrade the park for other users to enjoy. Why is it dangerous you ask? Well we all know that some dogs enjoy eating other animals waste which can lead to passing of harmful bacteria which can in turn spread to other animals not exclusive to dogs. It simply isn’t a smart thing to do. It’s very unhealthy for the environment of the dog park. Also, how appealing is it to see used doggy bags scattered across the trails or next to bushes at the dog park? It’s not appealing – it’s garbage. We should be more conscious about these matters and take into consideration the other patrons enjoying the parks with their dogs.

I am not raising these concerns because I saw ‘one or two’ doggy bags laying on the ground literally feet away from the bin, but because it is a reoccurring sight. This trend, is not cool.

If you happpen to see anyone leaving their waste bags alongside the trails or anywhere other than in a bin, the proper code of ethics would be to remind them that we are responsible for disposing of the doggy waste bags in the waste bin.

Welcome to the Upland Dog Park!

Welcome to the Upland Dog Park. All dogs are welcome here, we do not exclude and breeds. So bring your friends and be merry! No need worry about being on a leash either. It simply doesn’t matter here. As a matter of fact, if you see a dog on their leash, please walk up to their owner and kindly ask them to free you. That way, you will have the experience here that we wish to create. Pure, freedom.

More on that later…